The Monterrey Power Trio isn’t really a trio at all. It is a five man, Alabama-based music group known for its blend of impeccable musicianship and enjoyable song selections.

Formed in 2013, the Monterrey Power Trio originally consisted of guitarist Carter Lockwood, bassist Mason Mathis, and drummer Jon Greene. After one fateful garage jam with Andrew and Daniel Spann (keys and guitar, respectively), Lockwood realized that the trio needed to become a quintet. Disapproving of the name “Monterrey Power Quintet,” the original name stuck. Over the last two years, MPT has played several gigs for several different audiences, often catering to a broad age range, and added a new drummer: Andrew Dendy. Whether it’s a modern hit or classic tune, the Power Trio can play it. Mostly popular among the younger crowd, Monterrey Power Trio truly specializes in producing entertaining, musically diverse shows.

In August 2015, Monterrey Power Trio released their debut album, This One’s For Pete. Blending various genres into MPT-style rock, the album contains a full set of Monterrey Power Trio originals, a few of which feature saxophonist Gus Arnold. The album’s release coincides with Monterrey Power Trio’s shifting into a slightly new direction. MPT is beginning to seek not only to perform various covers for venues but also to showcase original work and become a standalone act while still delivering enthralling and entertaining shows.

Band Members Include:
Carter Lockwood (guitar, vocals)
Daniel Spann (guitar)
Andrew Spann (keys)
Andrew Dendy (percussion)
Mason Mathis (bass, synth)

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